About David Brookover

Capturing the pure essence, beauty, and form of imagery through his lens and then hand-crafting that image into an exceptional print is the core of David Brookover's art. His authentic, traditional processes for reproducing the original photograph include Platinum PalladiumSilver GelatinPhotogravure, and Bromoil

The majority of David's landscape work is photographed with an 8x10 Linhof view camera. The large format originals along with the highest quality scanners ensure tack sharp images at any size. David uses only the most archival papers to print both his color and black and white images. He uses a Nikon D3X for his animal capture. The platinum palladium, silver gelatin and bromoil prints are all meticulously handcrafted using processes dating back to the 1860s. These prints are unsurpassed works of art that require extensive time, years of knowledge of both the materials and processes and the willingness to fine tune each step, method and substrate to fit a vision. All of the Japanese papers that are used for platinum palladium printing are handmade papers made by families that have been carrying on this tradition for many generations. His fine art prints are purchased by individuals and corporations around the world. Few photographers in the world use such an extensive and varied approach in platinum palladium work as David does.

What one chooses to do AFTER the image is captured is truly the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning depending on how far the artist wishes to travel. The endless search for exotic handmade papers, his collaboration with meticulous printers, impeccable framers together with a shared willingness to embrace technology and history continues to separate David’s work from the all too prevalent and predictable "software" mindset of today. David's sole purpose of photographing is for the gallery and sharing many of these rare, historic traditional printing methods with his collectors.