About Gail Mancuso

Gail Mancuso is an award-winning photographer living in Chicago. As a former model, she was immersed in the photography world and the evolving aesthetic of the fashion industry. From there, her interest in art and photography developed and ultimately found expression. She is primarily a self-taught artist, and through her studies, she has experimented with various creative methods and art forms.

With a focus on urban elements, including the human form, Gail’s photographs are infused with a poetic blending of multiple images into imaginative and innovative compositions. Her wide range of techniques culminates in a composition that is abstract, yet all at once recognizable. Each image conveys a highly dimensional character, with an emphasis on color, shadow, light, textural surfaces and obscured impressions.

Her work has been featured in publications at World Art Dubai and La Photographie Award in Paris and she has won international photography awards in France, Russia and Japan. She has participated in solo exhibitions in Chicago and New York City, and been a part of group exhibitions in Moscow, Japan and at the Venice Art House Gallery in Italy. In addition, her artworks have been featured on NBC Universal’s “Chicago Justice.”

Her highly recognized photomosaic, “Chicago Synchronicity,” resides in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office in Chicago City Hall, along with a 25-foot installation at the recently opened Seven Lions Restaurant, across from the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work, "San Francisco Synchronicity," resides in Mayor Edward Lee's office in San Francisco as well. In addition to creating large-scale art for public and corporation installations, her limited edition works are held in private collections throughout the US, UK and Italy.

In her well-received new city series, entitled "Synchronicity," Mancuso visits well-known cities and captures street scenes, locals and iconic buildings, combining the images to create a montage that portrays the energy and individuality of urban life. Having completed works in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, future projects include Miami, London, Paris and beyond.