About Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel Tjintjelaar


Joel Tjintjelaar, who was originally a criminal lawyer by trade, is a B&W fine art artist, writer and educator from the Netherlands who believes that fine art photography entails the unique visualization and expression of the world through the artist’s eye that evokes an emotion with the viewer. This visualization of a personal and artistic view that evokes emotions is the interesting and fundamental part of fine-art, of any art. Seen from that perspective it is Joel’s belief that the further the artist moves away from objective reality, the closer the artist will get to his highly personal view, his essence and how he uniquely sees and feels the world.

Joel tries to do that by using long exposure techniques, which is one step away from the visible, objective reality, and by using the visual language of B&W, which is another step away from reality. What defines Joel’s trademark style is that he adds a third step away from reality by rendering light and shadow in the post processing phase, in such a way that it’s aligned with his personal vision only, regardless the light in reality, but always respecting the law of physics (and of light) and how it behaves and interacts with surfaces and objects. It’s this part that gives his subjects, like buildings, a 3D look and his signature style.