About Julia Anna Gospodarou

“If you don’t need it like air, it is not art. “ – Julia Anna Gospodarou

Julia is an architect, fine art photographer, author and educator living in Athens, Greece and working worldwide, who is using the technique of photography to create what she calls (en)Visionography, defined as a new form of art born from the re-interpretation of the world through the vision of the artist, that transcends reality so it can re-create it through emotion. (en)Visionography is the materialization of the artist’s soul in an image.

Julia’s work has been repeatedly awarded internationally through the years, with gold, silver, bronze and other distinctions in international competitions like Prix de la Photographie Paris, International Photography Awards, Sony World Photography Awards, B&W Spider Awards, FAPA, ND Awards, IFAP etc. Her work has been published in print and online in numerous books and magazines worldwide, it was featured by world renowned photography companies, and can be found in personal collections around the world.

Her best-selling book “From Basics to Fine Art – Black and White Photography”, with co-author Joel Tjintjelaar, has been considered by many critics as one of the most important books on black and white photography of the past decades and is used by numerous artists worldwide as their go-to book on fine art photography.

Julia approaches photography in the same way she approaches her other artistic activities, like architectural design or classical drawing, by using it as a mean to express her inner self and her own life, rather than to present a certain subject. Julia refers to her work as autobiographic, her images aiming to narrate symbolically her life experiences, express her feelings and being a response to those.

She created a processing technique she called “Photography Drawing”, a technique based on using the principles of drawing in photography, to trigger and re-create the balance of light and shadow in her black and white images, which creates the depth and the rich tones characteristic for her work.

She considers photography a tool and not an end goal and has created a fine art language that has at its core architectural shapes that are personified in her images, creating stories. Julia works mostly in series, this being a characteristic of her work and how her (en)Vsionographs can be best experienced. She is not searching for the mere beauty, but for essence and substance, for the soul of the subject she photographs molded into the soul of the artist.