About Richard Oszust

Richard Oszust

Richard Oszust is an independent photographer and graphic designer living in New York. He studied graphic design and photography at School of Visual Arts in New York, during which he was a member of the 1980s East Village art scene, where his photography and paintings were exhibited. During the 1990s he worked as an art director and corporate graphic designer. His photography has been seen in fashion editorial and entertainment advertising. “My reflection series began with timed self-portraits, where I would catch myself reflected in the window of a parked car or a store window. Gradually, I started looking for reflections of the city’s architecture through large windows along the avenues or in puddles along the streets. This unique vantage point allows you to see what’s above while looking down and the ability to see what’s behind you while looking ahead. I remember visiting my grandmother’s apartment in Brooklyn as a kid and looking out and seeing that breathtaking image of Manhattan’s majestic skyline. I’d be mesmerized for hours. This city’s beauty continues to mesmerize me today